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Great deals to scoop up here… however there may only be one at these great prices so to be safe, you may like to email us first before placing an on line order to ensure the item is still in stock.

Swan Ring Holder

Swan Ring Holder: Click for full size

Measures about 4" tall.

  • Price:$16.00
  • Sale Price:$12.00

Large Bubble Bowl

Large Bubble Bowl: Click for full size

This large piece is a statement all on it's own. Unique and stunning! 15.5" x 15.5".

  • Price:$100.00
  • Sale Price:$90.00

Banana leaf platter

Banana leaf platter: Click for full size

Very substantial piece. Gorgeous for all your entertains needs! Measures about 26"x9.5"

  • Price:$160.00
  • Sale Price:$110.00

Double Dip Platter

Double Dip Platter: Click for full size

This platter is one you will use again and again! On sale for a limited time, one of our top sellers! Dip bowls come out and can easily be chilled or warmed.

  • Price:$115.00
  • Sale Price:$95.00

Handmade bib and burb cloth

Handmade bib and burb cloth: Click for full size

This is truly adorable! Perfect Easter or Spring gift! (Only one in stock)

  • Price:$23.00
  • Sale Price:$19.00

Fox Robeez

Fox Robeez: Click for full size

Leather soft soled shoe with suede bottom. Size 0-6 months.

  • Price:$25.00
  • Sale Price:$20.00

Snail clip toy

Snail clip toy: Click for full size

100% baby safe. Hypoallergenic, Eco-friendly.

  • Price:$16.00
  • Sale Price:$12.00

Leather and Crystal Necklace

Leather and Crystal Necklace: Click for full size

Gorgeous piece! Matching earrings available too, please email for pictures. Measures about 16" with a 4" drop.

  • Price:$75.00
  • Sale Price:$40.00

Angel of Love

Angel of Love: Click for full size

This beautiful pewter angel is made in Canada. A cute reminder of your love.

  • Price:$22.00
  • Sale Price:$15.00

Angel of Dreams

Angel of Dreams: Click for full size

Dream sweet dreams with this angel. Made in Canada from pewter.

  • Price:$22.00
  • Sale Price:$15.00

Mantra Love Bracelet

Mantra Love Bracelet: Click for full size

Black and silver amazing wrap style bracelet. Made in Canada. "You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars." E.E Cummings Rope wrap around measures 19"

  • Price:$36.00
  • Sale Price:$20.00

Turquoise and Gold Leaves Necklace

Turquoise and Gold Leaves Necklace: Click for full size

This stunning piece can make any outfit sparkle! Nice weight to this, adjustable at closure. (Only one left in stock)

  • Price:$45.00
  • Sale Price:$30.00

Long Turquoise and Stones Necklace

Long Turquoise and Stones Necklace: Click for full size

This is a funky looking, unique piece. Measures about 24” long.

  • Price:$45.00
  • Sale Price:$30.00

Brush Your Teeth Sign

Brush Your Teeth Sign: Click for full size

Brush your teeth make them shiny. This is made in the U.S.A. from natural birch wood. 3-d art, adorable! (Suggested retail $50)

  • Price:$40.00
  • Sale Price:$25.00